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Vizent Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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VIZENT is at the forefront of advanced 3D visualization in the disciplines of Architecture, Golf and Furniture. We are a team passionate about implementing advanced 3D solutions. The company has a team of 3D Visualizers, Graphic Specialists, Architecture / Interior / Golf / Game Artists, 3D Animation Experts, GIS / Photogrammetry / LiDAR Specialists, Architectural Engineers, Furniture Architects, CAD Specialists, and Web / Mobile Programmers.

We are a company totally committed to qualitative work approach, creativity with innovative ideas. We strive to remain at the cutting-edge of technologies ensuring quality delivery on schedule on various software platforms / engines required by the customer. The recognition received from our clients worldwide is proof of our abilities. With our efficient and flexible workflow, VIZENT can undertake and successfully complete any major 3D project in the discipline of Building Architecture, Golf and Furniture visualization.

Vizent is always known for its on-time delivery and high quality output. We provide services to clients across Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

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Golf Course 3D Visualisation

We are a fully diversified golf course modeling and 3D visualization services company with worldwide experience of designing all type of golf courses. We make high quality stunning 3D flyovers and graphics of golf courses.

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Architecture 3D Visualization

We provide high quality 3d architectural visualization services. Our clientele includes architects, developers, interior designers, contractors, landscape architects, planners and other professionals in related field.

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Furniture 3D Visualization

We provide highly detailed and precise furniture renderings, custom built to meet your expectations at your desired price. Our skilled staffs are capable of adding lighting, interactive features, programming, moving parts and much more.

Golf Course 3D Visualisation

◈ 3D Flyover Videos
◈ Hole and Green Graphics
◈ Course overview graphics
◈ Yardage books
◈ Caddy cards
◈ Score cards
◈ Pin Placement Card
◈ Irrigation system maps
◈ Topoligical Image Map
◈ Interactive tours
◈ 3D model of course in any 3D file format
◈ Grading plan in CAD ◈ Volumetric cut/fill plan ◈ Web/Mobile app

Architecture 3D Visualization

◈ 3D Exterior building renderings
◈ 3D interior Visualizations
◈ 2D/3D colored floor plans
◈ 3D Architectural master site plans
◈ 3D photo montage/ 3D concept design
◈ 3D landscape design
◈ 3D animations of apartments and condos
◈ 3D animations of high rise developments
◈ Private house design 3D presentations
◈ 3D interior virtual tour
◈ Large scale modeling and animation
◈ Rich multimedia presentations featuring music, titles, voiceovers and other content
◈ Architecture illustrations
◈ 360 panorama view
◈ 360 interactive tour
◈ Web/Mobile app

Furniture 3D Visualization

◈ 3D Rendering of furniture in a room.
◈ 360 degree Animation view of Furniture.
◈ 360 degree panorama view :
◈ 360 degree video:
◈ Augmented and Virtual Reality:
◈ Color variations of furniture
◈ Complete set of furniture images for e-commerce companies
◈ 3D template creation
◈ Lifestyle image rendering
◈ Dimension image creation
◈ Close up render shots
◈ Usability image rendering
◈ Render shot of furniture from various angles
◈ Hydraulic bed animation
◈ Mutlipurpose furniture animation
◈ Short Video/Animation with People

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